Hi Friends! Mo Here!


Thanks for joining us on our adventures! Just a little bit about me, I’m a Southern girl at heart, holding on to her Pacific Islander roots, who married her college sweetheart and became a momma of two. We are a family of four who has been blessed to live in different parts of the United States due to my husband’s ever-changing career.  We started our travel adventures as a family while living in Virginia. Following Virginia, we moved to California, where we made travel a family affair! We wanted to explore all that the West Coast had to offer. The travel bug hit us, and we haven’t stopped since then. 

I started a private blog during a break (2011) in my Nursing career to record our special memories.  A little secret here, I never actually shared my blog with anyone until now (2020) because, well, it was just a personal blog of our travels and life in general; a journal, if that.  Now that we are living in beautiful Europe and I have so many adventures I’ve yet to share, I thought, what better way to share our life and experiences with our family and friends through making this blog readable for everyone? About time, huh?

We have been blessed to travel and live in different parts of the U.S. and now Europe and have fallen in love with exploring all of our surroundings. We are currently living abroad in Germany, enjoying Europe as much as we can while also renovating our home.  I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you enjoy reading up on our adventures of not just of our travels and tips, but of our life living abroad, family, motherhood, my love for food and cooking, and navigating living in another country!  Thanks for tagging along! Until next time!

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