Baden-Baden: A Charming German Christmas Market

Original Post-January 3, 2020 | Updated Post September 15, 2023

Christmas and New Year have passed, but a few Christmas markets (Christkindelsmarkt or Weihnachtsmark) remain in Germany after the holidays. One in particular is Baden-Baden, a spa town in southwestern Germany. Going on till the 6th of January (2024), this small, charming, one-of-a-kind market has become one of my all-time favorite Christmas markets thus far in Germany (and we have only lived in Europe for a year). I consider this a must-visit as you’ll find that Baden-Baden’s Christmas market is truly charming.

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About Baden-Baden

Located in the foothills of Germany’s Black Forest, Baden-Baden was once the capital during the “beautiful era,” aka la Belle Epoque, between 1870-1914. Today, it holds the title of one of the “Greatest Spa Towns of Europe.” It was founded by the Romans 2,000 years ago, who built the first thermal baths there. Since then, the beautiful town has become a world-class Spa town. Besides its ever-popular thermal spas in the area, Baden-Baden is known for its rich history, world-famous and beautiful casino, the largest opera house in Germany, and one of Germany’s most beautiful Christmas markets.

Baden-Baden Christmas Market

It’s easy to see why this market is rated as one of Germany’s most beautiful Christmas markets. The mountains of the Black Forest are the perfect winter fairy tale backdrop for Baden-Baden’s traditional Christmas Market. I bet with the snow, it’s even more magical.

One of the best things about the Baden-Baden Christmas Market is how late the market runs past the holidays. We had missed quite a few Christmas markets our first year here, so when we heard that Baden-Baden was still going on after the holidays, we had to visit. We packed the car and decided to meet friends there for the day.

It had been a wet and cold winter here in Rheinland Pfalz; luckily, the weather died down from the wet rain on our way to the market. We drove the easy 2 hours to Baden-Baden and parked under the Casino (Kurhaus); I will link the GPS location below. Luckily, my mid-size SUV fit in this underground parking garage.

Right above the parking garage, in front of the Kurhaus, is where the market was located. Over 100 small wooden chalet huts with various trinkets, gifts, and ornaments line up the area surrounding the front of the Kurhaus. Among the gifts you’ll find are homemade ornaments, miniature wooden nativity scenes, handmade soaps and candles, knitted scarves and hoodies, and more.

I recommend walking along the Trinkhalle, directly next to the Kurhaus. Its 90-meter-long architectural portico structure and Roman-like columns make this walkway one of the most beautiful drinking halls in all of the European spa towns. Walk along this vestibule and admire all the nativity scenes displayed while also admiring the murals.

The food vendors were also the star of the market, offering many Christmas food and drink favorites such as macarons, bratwursts, gluhwein, homemade sweets, roasted nuts, grilled salmon, and more. The variety was endless, and for a quaint market still going on after the holidays, the Christmas cheer was still apparently there.

Concerts of many classic German songs and (surprisingly) classic American songs were sung by the German band performing, and quite well too. We sang to the American hits we loved along with all the Christmas marketgoers. You can tell these American classic songs were a big hit to the Germans at the market. For the children, there were rides and an ice skating rink as you head towards the city center, where all the shops and restaurants began.

At night, the Christmas lights shine brightly along the market stalls, giving that magical winter wonderland feel as you walk along the rows of stalls.

We meandered our way towards the cobblestone streets of Baden-Baden and stumbled upon a fully decorated Löwenbräu Gasthaus full of Christmas cheer! Walk through (for free) inside their winter wonderland and enjoy the decorations! Even though Christmas and New Year’s were over, it was still nice to enjoy the decorations still up. Additionally, the charming Hotel Alte Laterne (a historical half-timbered house/hotel) right across Lowenbrau was a sight to see, with its building lit up for the holidays.

Tip: I recommend staying overnight to enjoy the ambiance of the Christmas Market during and after the crowds. It just gives it that magical feel of Christmas in Baden-Baden. During your stay, you can also explore Baden-Baden after the market and enjoy some of their thermal spas. A place I recommend for an overnight is this place, right in the heart of the city.

Practical Information

Baden-Baden Christmas Market

Location: Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden

Parking: We parked under the Kurhaus at this GPS location: here. Parkhaus am Kurhaus, there is a fee to pay.

Date of Christmas Market: November 23, 2023 until January 6, 2024

Opening Times: 11:00 am- 9:00 pm

Website for further information: Find the website here and here.

Final Thoughts

Baden Baden’s Christmas market is a must if you visit the Christmas markets in Germany. It is one of the most beautiful German Christmas Markets that gives that quaint and true Christmas market vibe. You can’t go wrong visiting before or after the holidays. In addition, Baden Baden is nestled in the foothills of the Black Forest, where the cuckoo clocks and Black Forest cakes are not to be missed. You’ll also find that the French border is pretty close, so Strasbourg, France, is just around the corner to add to your Christmas market list. Until our next adventure! Bis zu unserem nächsten Abenteuer!

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