Germany’s Pick Your Own Flower Fields (Blumen Fields)

Updated August 2, 2023 | Original Post: April 19, 2019

One of the things I absolutely love about Germany is the Pick-Your-Own Flower fields. Being we have only lived in the country for a few months now, you can imagine my sheer excitement and curiosity when I saw my first flower field on the side of the road while driving. My first thought when I saw this… too bad these are not a big thing in the States. Luckily, we have a few fields not far from us.

These flower fields, known as Blumen zum Selbstschneiden in German, are usually found on the side of a busy road. You’ll find seasonal flowers growing along these fields, depending on the season.  Since it was our first year here, Tulips were in season in April. However, I have heard other flowers such as peonies in early summer, sunflowers in late summer, a pumpkin patch in the fall, are also other flowers available for picking (and I’m sure much, much more) in these flower fields. I can’t wait to see what these fields will offer in the upcoming months! 

We checked out our first Blumen field near our area. Tulips were in season, so we had the girls pick a few while I attempted to take photos (because I strive to take beautiful photos like the photography pros one day).  The process was easy, it’s a self-serve field, so there is no staff in the area, just an honor system.  We paid at the self-service box. The prices are displayed on the box; the tulips cost €0.50/stück (a piece)/approximately 0.75cents depending on how you convert with the USD exchange rate. 

Update: *The prices also vary depending on the type of flowers growing at the time, we found peonies later in June and they were a bit more than 0.50 cent euros, but still reasonably priced at the honor system pay box.

The dropbox has a money slot to place your money in. It’s also good to note that there are cutting shears at the dropbox for visitors to borrow to cut the flowers. Pretty nifty, huh?

All in all, the girls and I had so much fun picking our tulips. Going to these Blumen Fields will be one of my favorite things to do here in Germany. I can see tulips are also going to become my favorite flowers. It’s been nice to see that these beautiful flowers have been around since February in German grocery stores.  They are so pretty and a perfect start to our upcoming trip to the Netherlands!   Check out our photos below from our evening out at the tulip fields.

Honor System Pay Box
Look for this yellow Blumen sign

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and the beautiful photos! Until next time! Bis zum Nächsten Mal! Tschüss!

**Google coordinates near Kaiserslautern: 

*** Locations: For more Blumen Field Locations in Germany, click here. Unfortunately, it may only show bigger cities and not your local location.  You can try to make the search even more thorough by searching for Blumen selbst schneiden or Blumen selbst Pflücken for more areas.

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