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Blumen Fields/Pick Your Own Flower Fields

If there’s one thing I love about Germany, it’s the Pick-Your-Own Flower fields.  I don’t think I have seen these in the states, but when I first saw that they offered it here, you know I was filled with sheer excitement!  Luckily, we have a few fields not far from us.

We found a tulip field near us and had the girls pick a few while I took photos (because I strive to hopefully take beautiful photos like the photography pros).  These Blumen Fields (what they are known for in the area) have different flowers growing depending on the season, from what I have heard.  I have heard sunflowers growing here in late summer, a pumpkin patch in the fall, peonies in early summer, and much more.  Since we have only been in the country since December, I can’t wait to see what these fields will have growing in the upcoming months!  It’s a self serve field, so there are no staff in the area, just an honor system.  We paid at a self service post for €0.50/stück (a piece).  The prices will also vary depending on the type of flowers growing at the time. They have a drop box to place the money in.  Pretty nifty, huh?  I wish more of these would be in the states.  I haven’t seen any, but if they have them, that is amazing, I’d love to see more there!

Tulips are my new favorites, they’ve been around since February in German stores.  They are so pretty!  It’s a perfect start to our upcoming trip to the Netherlands!   Here are some photos from our evening out at the tulip fields.

That’s all for now! Bis zum Nächsten Mal! Tschüss!

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