Burg Colmberg: Spend the Night in a 13th-Century Castle

Germany, the land of Castles. Having visited a handful of castles since moving to Europe, staying in one was on top of our to-do list. When the opportunity arose for an overnight stay, just the husband and I, checking off that bucket list became a reality. We booked the night in a 13th-century castle, the Hotel Burg Colmberg, a 1,000 year-old castle hotel perfect for solo, couples, and family getaways.

Facts About Burg Colmberg

First mentioned in the 13th century, Burg Colmberg sits on the hill of the small village of Colmberg and is situated along the picturesque Romantic and Castle Roads of Germany. The castle served Franconian Kings during the era of the Hohenzollerns for 500 years. It became the headquarters for Bavaria and was then owned by the last imperial Consul of Japan during the 1920s-1960s. In 1964, the Unbehauen family became the owners and currently runs the castle as a hotel. If you’d like to read more history of the castle, you can find it, here. You’re probably wondering if this centuries old castle is haunted… read on till the end for the answer.

Check In

We arrived early, on a Wednesday morning. The hotel contacted us ahead of time for our arrival time. We asked if we could check in early, they were happy to oblige. This may not be the case for high tourist seasons, but we were staying during a weekday holiday winter season, and, we are still living in a pandemic, therefore, there weren’t a lot of people staying on the castle grounds when we booked.

Upon check-in, we requested if we could have breakfast since breakfast service was still available and we were willing to pay extra. A few guests were still eating breakfast. The hotel staff were able to accommodate our request.

The weather that morning was overcast and cold, but the hotel had a lovely sitting area in one of the restaurants, Zur Remise, that had a wonderful view of the castle grounds that made up for the dreariness of the weather. The breakfast was typical of your German breakfast of freshly baked brot (bread) and pastries from a local bakery, cereals, coffee, cold cuts, and vegetables; I’ve provided some photos below.

The Accomodation

We booked our stay in one of their historic rooms, the BURGHERRENZIMMER (meaning Lord of the Castle’s Room). We wanted the ambiance of a medieval castle with beautiful wooden beds and stone walls as old as the castle itself. The room we stayed in was probably the size of the typical hotel room but slightly bigger with a wooden double bed, pull-out couch, and a modern bathroom with a jacuzzi. The room could fit a family of four with small children on the pull-out couch. Our booking included breakfast which was convenient for us.

Since we were in dead winter, minus the snow, I was worried about whether or not the castle would be warm enough to sleep at. Our hotel room was really cozy and warm once we turned the radiators on. The cleanliness of the room, and castle, was exceptional! I thoroughly appreciated the thoughtfulness the hotel put together for guests to feel welcomed and have that feeling of staying in an actual 13th-century castle with a touch of modernity here and there.

Additionaly, other room options to book are available to include not only historic rooms, but also updated, modern rooms. You can also book to stay in their huge, 2-story, luxurious tower suite that offers a beautiful view of the castle grounds and Franconian countryside. For more information on rooms the hotel offers for reservations, you can find it here.

Things You Can Do on the Castle Grounds During Your Stay

During our stay, we made sure to take advantage of our stay at Castle Colmberg. We didn’t want to waste not being able to experience all that the castle had to offer. Here are a few things you can do to enjoy your stay.

Wander Inside the Castle

Explore! We took the opportunity to walk around inside the castle and explore every nooks and crannies that we were allowed to visit. We climbed different levels of stairs to other floors of much more modern rooms, found several wonderful sitting areas with amazing views of the castle from different angles, checked out the chapel, and found a room with stairs that led to one of their other restaurants. For kids, this would be a fun scavenger hunt or simply to explore all that the castle had to offer.

The one thing I loved about wandering inside the castle are the beautiful antiques and decorations. Remember my love for antiques? Additionaly, we wanted to be respectful and only sought areas we knew we would only be allowed to explore. Remember, this castle is still owned by the family who runs it themselves, so it’s also considered their home.


Wander the Exterior of the Castle

We walked around the outside premises of the castle and enjoyed the wonderful views of the countryside from above. Since the weather wasn’t so great during our stay, we tried to enjoy as much of the outdoor as we could. I imagine in the warmer season, it would be even much more beautiful to enjoy the outdoor ambiance of the castle.

Within the castle walls, in the heart of the castle, is their courtyard. Here, you’ll find the coolest playground I have ever seen at a castle. I wish I had taken my kids with us, I know they would have enjoyed this playground. You’ll also find an old well in the heart of the courtyard and a tower that, at the time, was closed off for visitors. I hear in the summertime, the open courtyard is much more decorated, full of beautiful flowers, and lively with people all around. There is also a beautiful garden area you can explore.

Don’t forget to also walk around the town of Colmberg which is not far from the castle, the town is small but quaint. You may also even find some deers on your walk. We discovered a group of deers on the property. When I did my research, I found out the castle has its very own wild game reserve on property.

Enjoy the Local Franconian Cuisine

As mentioned earlier, Hotel Burg Colmberg has two restaurants inside the castle, where you can enjoy the local cuisine and local wines, Zur Remise, and Burgstuben. Unfortunately, during our visit, the restaurants were not open. We were, however, able to enjoy breakfast at Zur Remise in their beautiful rustic dining area that was once used at a horse stable and storing horse-drawn carriages. I’ve attached photos below of the old stone wall, complete with the old iron appliances still attached to the wall that was used for the horses.

Locate the Black iron appliances from the old stable (I’m assuming) on the stone wall

I have read several, wonderful reviews of these two restaurants, both offering local Franconian dishes, including wild venison (deer) meat. Remember I told you earlier you might find deers on your walk? Additionally, here are some of the wonderful reviews I have read.

Lastly, don’t forget to try their very own beer exclusively brewed for Burg Colmberg called the Schwarzer Ritter (black knight). My husband was able to buy a six-pack of their beer to bring home.

Day Trips from Hotel Castle Colmberg

Staying longer than a night at Hotel Burg Colmberg? Wondering what you can do in the area? Here are some fun day trips worth doing during your stay!

Day Trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Wanna take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages and visit a German town that offers both charm and history, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is your place to go. Located along the Romantic Road in Germany, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a true gem and is only a 20 minutes drive from Hotel Burg Colmberg. From wandering around the cobblestone streets of this medieval charming town to exploring the tower wall and getting the most amazing views of the town, and endless shopping, Rothenburg has much to offer. I’ve got a blog post on our trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber along with top things to do there that you can find, here. You won’t regret visiting this charming town!

Have a Spa Day at a Local Thermal Spa

At approximately 25-30 minutes drive from Hotel Burg Colmberg is the Franken Therme Spa at Bad Windsheim. During our stay at Hotel Burg Colmberg, we spent a full day at this spa and sauna. We wanted relaxation, and going to saunas and spas is one of mine and my husband’s favorite things to do in Germany.

One thing to note at German spas, especially this one, is that the saunas are clothing-free (nude). However, in the general area of the spas at Franken Therme, guests are fully clothe in their bathing suits. The one thing we enjoyed at this thermal spa was their two Saltwater pools that was worth visiting.

Note: Be sure to be aware of their Covid restrictions as to the number of guests they are allowed to let in at one time. At the time of our visit in December 2021, we waited 3 hours to get in, so get there as soon as they open. My husband wanted so badly to visit this spa, so the three hours wait was somewhat worth it.

Other Day Trips and Excursions Nearby

I’ve made a few lists of other day trips and excursions in the area. Enjoy!

  • Climbing tree park near Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Website here.
  • Playmobil Fun Park. Website here.
  • Hiking trails around Colmberg, find it here.
  • Other cities for day trips include Asnbach, Dinkelsbuehl
  • Go on a Donkey Hike (yes, with donkeys). Find the site here.

Practical Information About the Castle

Hotel Burg Colmberg

Address: An der Burgenstraße, 91598 Colmberg

Phone: +49 (0)9803 – 9 19 20

Parking: Free on the premises of the castle

You can visit their website for closures and openings, here.

The best thing to do is contact the hotel directly for questions via email or telephone (we found it was easier calling them). Booking can be done online on their website or through Booking.com. We booked ours directly on the hotel’s website, which we found cheaper at the time of our booking.

Additionally, the hospitality can’t be beat! The family and staff are very friendly and accommodating, and spoke wonderful English.

Final Thoughts

Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a 1,000 year-old castle in Germany? Hotel Burg Colmberg is one experience you can’t miss. This 13th-century castle is still beautiful and well preserved in its Medieval age, inside-out, with some areas still in their OG form and an area with modern rooms, it was literally the German castle I’ve always wanted to stay at! 

The castle was very clean and the hospitality from the family and staff is exceptional! To top it off, the local cuisine, I’ve read and heard is one not to miss! If you are looking for a medieval castle get-away, this is the one you will want to stay at, either as a couple, family, or solo getaway!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about our stay at this beautiful castle. I will add, upon check out, we asked if the castle was haunted, and we were told it is! Haunted by the ghost of a lady in white that is the original owner’s wife from centuries ago. But, don’t let that stop you if that is not your thing. I, for one, did not hear a thing; although some areas of the castle were admittedly creepy, dark, and not well lit…I mean that’s how castles are supposed to feel right? It just gives it all the more that medieval castle feel. All in all, I highly recommend this Castle for your visit! Until next time! Bis zum Nächsten Mal!

** Disclosure: All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of others and in no means an affiliate to any of the companies discussed.***

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