Getting Organized…. If I Ever Get There…

Well, I guess this could be a daily thing.  Nothing like keeping my thoughts and everyday happenings on this little website.  Today I realized how much I needed to be just a tad bit organized in life. Starting with… wait for it… cleaning my house (especially before the hubby gets home).  As a newly made housewife… and yes, it does take some time getting used to, I have to find wonderful hobbies I must start taking advantage of.  Couponing is one of those “hobbies.”

Couponing is tedious and frustrating. But yet the rewards of saving money can be a wonderful thing.  But it must be done if I am not working at present, simply because I love saving money and finding great deals.  I started another blog page… well, more like a baby page to keep up with my little bundle of joy to be.  And that is also a learning process along with this page.  So much to do, and so little time I feel.  And next task will be to organize my entire life, find my joys in my current career, and just enjoy life where it is at.

Oh… and don’t forget me honing down my interest in cooking.  I am trying to get back into cooking and getting better at it.  I’ve decided homemade is going to be better than store bought.  It is not only better for the entire family but also helps me control what I put into the ingredients.  So…. thoughts of the day… GET ORGANIZED!

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