It’s a…. Baby Gender Reveal

Finding out the Baby’s Gender 10/7/11

We went in for my 20 week ultrasound 10/6/11 and wanted to keep it a surprise.  Well….I wanted to, but the husband wanted to know immediately, so I had to compromise.  Since our first one was a surprise to us, this time around we decided we’ll find out the sex.  However, I wanted it to be fun for our daughter, so I planned a little surprise for all of us to find out the sex of the baby.  In honor of the baby’s due date, February 14, 2012, I decided to pick a non-traditional baby cupcake design… a Valentine’s day themed cupcake and inside holds a special surprise!  So much fun and a creative way to keep it a surprise… yet find out soon!  So, we celebrated the next evening 10/7/11 and had my sister and brother in law find out the gender with us.  And what did we find out… it took awhile for our daughter to dig into the inside of the cupcake, and the suspense was killing us all… but it was Pink!  It’s a girl!!!!  We waited to tell the world though.  I still had to make the grandparents card to surprise them. (this post was actually written 10/24/11)

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