Kletterpark-Cuxhaven “Climbing Tree Park” in the North Sea in Germany

Wanna conquer your fear of heights? Or better yet, if you’re not afraid of heights, find joy in climbing and flying from one tree to the other? Then, look no further than in the North Sea in the seaside town of Cuxhaven. Yes, the North Sea in Germany has a climbing tree park called Kletterpark-Cuxhaven.

What To Expect

  • We arrived and checked in at the KletterPark-Cuxhaven ticket office; reservation is not required. However, you can reserve your slot online by emailing them.
  • You’ll have to fill out a waiver form beforehand for each person participating in the tight rope course

  • You need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the next training course. Instructions/Training Time are given every half and full hour.
  • Once you pay, you are given your gear and directed to wait in an area where the staff will train you on how to put your gear on properly as well as safety tips and instructions. This takes at least 30 minutes.

  • There is an area for practice where you can get comfortable using the roll system.
  • You have several courses to choose from, there is a “Pirate course” your little one can do. There is a minimum height of 1.15m to a max of 1.50m. (According to their site, the “pirate course” is from 4 years of age. Again, based on height).

minimum and max height requirement

Different Courses

  • You’ll get 3 hours to enjoy the courses, this includes training time. For the Sundown Climbing time, you get 1.5 hours including training time. And for the Pirate Course, it is 1 hour of climbing time including training time.

  • The Trainers are always available for assistance if needed; we sure did need it at the time and they were there to help from below.

Our Experience

This was my family’s first time doing a “Climbing Tree Park” experience. Although we are not huge on heights, my family was able to conquer their fear! The staff of Kletterpark Cuxhaven was amazing and accommodating! They had a staff on hand that was kind enough to provide instructions in English for us. In addition, they provided an area for practice before our experience; this allowed my family to get comfortable using the roll system.

There is a takeaway; once you are up on the treetop and start your course, it was hard for my family to find a way to get down if they did not want to go any further. I’m sure there was a way, but we had to keep the line going with people waiting behind us. At one point, my youngest had a hard time reaching the next point due to her weight; the staff was able to assist us in getting her back on course.

For one thing, the course did not look high from below; however, from my family’s perspective from above, it sure did. We did not do the entire course (even though you could, except the Pirates Course). We could have easily stayed the 3 hours allotted, but we were done by the first hour and a half. Overall, it seemed pretty safe. As always, know your limits and be sure to call for help from the staff if needed. I did not do the course due to my fear of heights (it’s bad), but I had fun capturing the memories of my family in photos.

When you are all done, there is a playground right next to the high ropes course for the kids to enjoy and the Sahlenburg beach just directly in front of the main building of Kletterpark where you can enjoy beach activities and/or mudflat hiking.

Helpful Information

  • Address
    • KletterPark -Cuxhaven
    • Wernerwaldstraße 2, 27476 Cuxhaven
    • GPS route click here
    • on GPS, place: Sahlenburg, Street: Hans-Retzlaff-Str. The park is about 800 meters on foot from the parking lots. It is right next to Sahlenburg Beach and next to the Camping Site.
    • Find more on their website.
  • Parking
    • There is no parking on-site; parking spaces can be found in Wernerwaldstr. and Hans-Retzlaff-Str. that you must pay for.
  • Prices
    • Adults over 18 years: 26€ per person
    • Children up to 17 years: 21€ per person
    • Pirate Course (for the little one; Minimum height: 1.15 m, max. 1.50 m. Not suitable for adults.): 12€ per person (only given 1 hour of course time including instructions).
    • ***there is a discount for students and also a cheaper option to climb during Sunset/Sundown climbing (last 3 instructional times before closing time)


There are food/snacks offered on site. We enjoyed ice cream and hot cocoa after our visit. The weather in May was unexpectedly cold in the North Sea, and a hot cocoa was just what we needed.

Covid Measures

Masks and social distancing were all that was allowed. There was no testing required before our experience at the time of our visit in May 2021.

Final Thoughts

Kletterpark-Cuxhaven in the North Sea is a fun day adventure if you are looking to take a break from the beach and enjoy some outdoor fun. It’s a perfect way to have fun climbing trees, or better yet, conquer your fear of heights. Don’t forget to take some amazing photos of your adventure! Until next time! Bis zum nächsten Mal!

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