Reasons to Visit the HARIBO Factory Store in Bonn, Germany

Germany, the land of enchanting castles, beer, festivals, Christmas markets, and much more.  But, did you know they’re known for something sweet and delicious?  Candy lovers, this post is for you, specifically gummy bear lovers out there! 

Now, I normally don’t get too excited about candies, but I specifically put the HARIBO factory store on my list for a reason (we’ll get to that in a bit).  I thought this deserved its own post.  It was the perfect ending to our day trip to Bonn (psst, click here to read up on our day trip to Bonn).



Before we get to the reasons why you should visit the HARIBO Factory store, here are some interesting tidbits about the famous German company:

    • Hans Riegel founded HARIBO in Bonn, Germany, in 1920

    • The name HARIBO was derived from the founder’s first two letters of his first and last name and the first two letters of Bonn.  HAns RIegel, BOnn.  Nifty, huh?

    • The company is still family-owned

    • Locations can be found here on their website.  They have several locations in Germany.

    • I was really hoping for a tour, but sadly, they do not offer factory tours, even before Covid.  See their response on their website here. (tip: view the site on Chrome and let the site translate the website for you).

    • I mean, you have to visit the birthplace of HARIBO, at least while in Bonn. 


Reasons to Visit the HARIBO Factory Store:

    • The Factory store (though not the original store) is located close to the original Factory in Bonn.

    • You’re in the city where the HARIBO gummy bears were invented

    • The prices for the gummies are CHEAP ( I like that word), or rather, low in price!  I mean prices for a 200g bag of gummies were around 0,59 cent Euros to 0,85 cent Euros, depending on the flavor.  I’ve easily seen these size bags at Aldi for around 1 Euro or more.

    • It’s in Bonn, the birthplace of the one and only Beethoven! 

    • The VARIETY!!!  There are so many flavors I have never seen before, some from other countries!  I even saw a flavor from the U.K. (see below for the Wine Gummy, yes, wine gummy; I don’t know if it’s really wine inside the gummy, but I’ll find out soon!)

    • The store also sells other candies besides gummies, like jelly beans, sweet and sour string candies, and more!

    • The souvenirs are pretty nifty too!

    • There are clean restrooms inside the store (it’s free)

    • It’s a fun stop in Bonn for all you candy lovers out there

    • Want to know how the gummies are made? Check out their production page here.

It’s literally a candy store with so many varieties


Final Thoughts

There you have it, some fun reasons to add the HARIBO Factory store to your Bonn list.  Is it worth the visit?  Only if you have a sweet tooth and you have a desire to visit a gummy bear store.  Plus, it’s a good excuse if you want to bring your kids along to a candy store full of sweets while in Bonn; I mean why not?   It wouldn’t hurt to visit one of the stores. The factory store itself is close to the original factory, and their prices are pretty sweet!  It’s not a bucket list location, but it’s a pretty neat stop if you are tired of sightseeing for the day and need a sweet break.  


I had a very excited husband who was literally my kid in a candy store.  I think he was more excited about the low price and variety! 


This guy was literally a kid in a candy store!


My kids are a bit older and were just there for the experience, lol.  I still had fun visiting the store; it’s not often you get to visit one of the OG HARIBO stores, especially in the city it originated from.  




Factory Store:

Bad Godesberg, Germany

Friesdorfer Str. 125
53175 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 9092930


Monday to Saturday: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

***Covid measures: masks were only required in the store at the time of our visit.  




Thanks for taking the time to read this post!  Until our next adventure!  Don’t forget to check out my other post on Bonn here.  Till next time! Bis Zum nächsten Mal!


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