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  1. Great tip about the Schwarzwald plus card. It’s so great to know these things ahead of time. My aunt lived in Germany for a time, and I remember receiving a German house cuckoo clock from her. How cool it would be to see these in Germany. Great post. Lots of helpful information for planning a trip to the Black Forest.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the Schwarzwald plus is so helpful! I’m just glad I read that fine print lol :). And that was so sweet of your aunt. To have a cuckoo clock from none other than the Black Forest is a wonderful gift!

  2. Germany’s black forest and Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte is on my list already a long time, but due to long-distance (I am from Berlin and we will need just 1-day to get there), we haven’t still visited this place.
    But your post was very interesting and full with beautiful photos! Thanks for inspiring!

    1. Aw, I’m so glad you liked the post! I hope you get to visit soon and enjoy the Black Forest! It really is magical!

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